It's All Pretend

Remember, everything a virtual animal says is made up!

Virtual Tails let's you create Animals (chatbots) and talk to them.

Things to remember:

  • 🤥 Everything Animals say is made up! Don't trust everything they say or take them too seriously.
  • 🤬 Animals may mistakenly be offensive - if you encounter this, please take a screenshot and email us.
  • 🥳 Animals can say anything. Our breakthrough AI technology can bring all of your stories and adventures to life.

We hope you have a lot of fun playing with your animals and we can't wait to hear your stories!

How It Works

How conversations improve Virtual Tails:

  • Just by having a conversation with an animal, you’re making our services better, including the machine-learning models that power the animals.
  • As part of that improvement, trained reviewers need to process your conversations.
  • So when using Virtual Tails, don’t enter anything you wouldn’t want a reviewer to see or us to use.

If you don’t want your conversations reviewed or used to improve our services do not use this website.